10 Risotto Recipes

We’re pretty smitten with the creamy, comforting nature of each of these risotto recipes. Whether you prefer yours vegetable-centered or perhaps with something like shrimp or duck stirred in, we’ve got a recipe for you.

A plate and a bowl of asparagus risotto with a fork resting beside the bowl.
This asparagus risotto is easy and creamy and made with asparagus, Parmesan, shallots, garlic, butter, white wine, and Italian Arborio rice. A lovely spring riff on a traditional Italian classic in less than an hour.
A white bowl filled with lemon and thyme risotto and topped with a sprig of thyme and some lemon zest
This lemon and thyme risotto, with its luxuriously creamy texture and lovely lilt of lemon, may seem as though it took all day to make. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Shhhhhh. No need to tell anyone else that. It can be our little secret.
A white bowl filled with spinach and arugula risotto on a grey linen napkin.
This spinach and arugula risotto, is creamy and rich yet still with some measure of healthfulness given its abundance of greens. Straight from Rome.
Shrimp Risotto
The secret to this flavorful shrimp risotto is a rich stock made from shrimp shells–plus extra-jumbo shrimp and a lot of old-fashioned stirring.
A bowl filled with zucchini risotto and a spoon resting inside.
This creamy zucchini risotto manages to feel indulgent and virtuous all at once.
Skillet on the stove filled with risotto alla Milanese, a pile of cheese, and a wooden spoon.
This risotto alla Milanese, from Lidia Bastianich, is a classic Italian recipe made with Arborio rice, beef stock, saffron, onions, shallots, butter, white wine, and Parmesan cheese.
A white bowl of citrus risotto and garlic-chile prawns on a white plate with a fork on the side.
This citrus risotto with garlic-chile prawns is made with lemon and sautéed shrimp for a healthy dish that’s still quite rich and satisfying.
A white bowl of wild mushroom risotto with peas with a fork resting inside and a glass and decanter of wine in the background.
This wild mushroom risotto from Giada de Laurentiis has intense mushroom flavor, thanks to the addition of both fresh mushrooms and dried porcini, along with plenty of Parmesan cheese.
A wide ceramic bowl filled with Portuguese duck risotto, topped with orange zest and parsley.
This Portuguese duck risotto elevates classic creamy risotto with the addition of duck, ham, sausage, and orange zest.
A plate of whole spelt risotto with butternut squash and beets, with an enamel pot of risotto beside it.
This whole spelt risotto with butternut squash recipe, which substitutes whole grain for arborio rice, isn't just healthful, it's satiating.


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