13 Thanksgiving Desserts

These Thanksgiving desserts span traditional pies as well as a few unexpected surprises to ensure you end up with just the finish you crave for your holiday meal.

Maple Pumpkin Pie

This is just about as traditional as tradition gets. Save for the slight plot twist of maple syrup. Intrigued? You should be.

Drunken Pumpkin Bourbon Tart

Drunken pumpkin? Punken drumkin? Drumpin punkdrunk? This innocuous seeming slice boasts just a tad more tipsy-inducing personality than your typical pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin Meringue Pie

At long last, a slice of pumpkin pie can be considered complete in and of itself—no dollop of whipped cream required. Pumpkin and meringue. So happy together.

Pumpkin Sweet Potato Pie

This riff on the classic marshmallow sweet potato casserole of your childhood plunks the sweet staple squarely where it belongs. Dessert.

Pumpkin Pots de Crème

These fancy-sounding desserts are essentially creamy custards that come together with very little time or effort from half-and-half, brown sugar, pumpkin, eggs, and warm spices. So good you're gonna want them year round.

Cranberry Apple Crostata

Know what we can't stop thinking about? This crostata. At first whiff of its heady fall spices and rustic charm, you'll tumble head over heels.

Sweet Potato Pie

Sugar and spice and everything nice—that's what you'll find in this magnificently spiced traditional Southern pie from baker extraordinaire, Cheryl Day.

Wine Poached Pears

How to explain these wine poached pears? "Divine elegance" comes to mind. Also, easy, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, healthy, and lovely.

Maple Pecan Pie

Distinct from other pecan pies in one notable way, this recipe draws on robust maple syrup to usurp cloying corn syrup. You're welcome.

Pumpkin Ice Cream

The pumpkin spice everything craze tends to leave us underwhelmed about pumpkin spice anything. Not this.

Pumpkin Pecan Pie

You no longer need to confront the eternal Thanksgiving dilemma of pumpkin or pecan pie. This recipe, in true egalitarian fashion, ensures you can have both.

Maple Cream Pie

A buttery, flaky crust filled with sweet maple custard and topped with swirls and clouds of whipped cream. Sigh.

Hot Buttered Rum Apple Pie

An unconventional approach to apple pie that happily involves booze and lotsa butter. Even more memorable than the classic.



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  1. I’m using a digital scale. What exactly should one cup of flour weigh? Do different types or brands of flour weigh differently? I like to weigh ingredients when baking and wish that more recipes included the weights, both for cooking and baking. I look forward to your recipes each day.

    Thank you,

    Linda D.

    1. Thank you, Linda! We appreciate you taking the time to say that! For our recipes, we use the standard of 135 grams/cup (4.75 oz/cup) for all-purpose flour. You will find that recipes that include weights generally use a weight of anywhere from 120 g/cup to 140 g/cup for all-purpose, however, we had our testers weigh flour extensively and this was the average weight. Other types of flour will have different weights (ie. whole wheat and bread flours are a bit heavier, whereas cake flour will be a little lighter). We do include weights on all of our recipes, and you can switch to a weight by using the US/Metric toggle switch above the ingredient list on the recipe. Happy baking!

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