Two jars of pickled shrimp on a wooden cutting board.
Jerrelle Guy
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Pickled Shrimp

These pickled shrimp are a Southern staple made with poached shrimp and a spicy lemon, garlic, and dill brine.
A platter of rissois de Camarao--or Portuguese shrimp turnovers--with one turnover cut open resting on top.
Ilda Costa-Sarnicki
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Portuguese Shrimp Turnovers ~ Rissóis de Camarão

Portuguese shrimp turnovers, or rissóis de camarão, are a traditional appetizer (or, let’s face it, any-time-of-day nosh) that deliver the homey comfort of being in your Portuguese grandma’s kitchen. Even if you never had a Portuguese grandma.
A shrimp burger with tartar sauce, topped with lettuce in a white bun on a piece of parchment paper.
America’s Test Kitchen
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Shrimp Burgers

These shrimp burgers get their crisp coating from finely ground panko that’s pan-seared until golden and served with tartar sauce. Better than any seafood burger you’ll find on any menu.
Creole shrimp and grits in a white bowl, with a spoon above the bowl with a shrimp in it.
Jody Horton
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Creole Shrimp and Grits

This Creole shrimp and grits combines perfectly spiced shrimp, a spicy (but not too spicy) Creole sauce, and creamy white Cheddar grits. It’s Southern comfort food with Big Easy flair.
A blue and white bowl filled with shrimp and grits.
Steven Freeman
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Southern Shrimp and Grits

Southern shrimp and grits takes a classic and adds andouille sausage to make it even more indulgent. Our most requested recipe, this ridiculously rich dish takes its heat from cayenne, its creamy comfort from grits smothered in cheese.
Shrimp salad garnished with dill in a cardboard takeout container.
David Leite
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Shrimp Salad from Ina Garten

This luscious shrimp salad from the Barefoot Contessa herself–Ina Garten–is made with shrimp, mayo, mustard, vinegar, and more. Excellent for picnics, brunch, showers.
Pieces of bayou fried shrimp in a paper towel-lined bowl.
Southern Living
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Bayou Fried Shrimp

The best Cajun fried shrimp recipe. That’s what this is. Go on. Try it for yourself and see. It’s easy, authentic, and Cajun through and through.
Glass bowl filled with garlic shrimp, sautéed with oil, butter, chiles pepper, and garlic
Jenny Zarins
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Garlic Shrimp

This garlic shrimp dish, made with prawns or shrimp, garlic, chile, olive oil, and butter, is a quick and easy appetizer. Or a passed hors-d’oeuvre. Or a cocktail nibble Or a….
Shrimp paste spread on toast points, stacked on a china plate with a glass of red wine in the background.
John Robert Carrington
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Shrimp Paste

This Lowcountry version of shrimp paste relies on minimal ingredients, butter and shallots mainly, to retain the simplicity and flavor of the dish. Using a food processor means you can have it ready for cocktail hour in a snap.
A white plate filled with cheesy shrimp and grits with bacon
David Leite
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Shrimp and Grits

This cheesy shrimp and grits recipe is an easy low-country classic. We're talking shrimp and bacon smothering a puddle of Cheddar grits. Need we say more?
Shrimp Risotto
David Leite
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Shrimp Risotto

The secret to this flavorful shrimp risotto is a rich stock made from shrimp shells–plus extra-jumbo shrimp and a lot of old-fashioned stirring.
A white bowl of citrus risotto and garlic-chile prawns on a white plate with a fork on the side.
Petrina Tinslay
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Citrus Risotto with Garlic-Chile Prawns

This citrus risotto with garlic-chile prawns is made with lemon and sautéed shrimp for a healthy dish that’s still quite rich and satisfying.
Three crockery bowls filled with cooked shrimp with smoked paprika oil
Eric Wolfinger
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Shrimp with Smoked Paprika

This recipe for shrimp with smoked paprika, or pimentón, is from Paula Wolfert, the doyenne of Mediterranean cooking. Its name says it all—succulent shrimp swimming in a smoked-paprika-and-garlic olive oil bath. Call it a spa for crustaceans.
Shrimp with black beans piled on a rectangular metal tray.
Jason Wyche
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Shrimp with Black Beans

Seafood and fermented black beans are commonly combined in Cantonese-style dishes. It's amazing how everyday ingredients take on a whole new character with just a little of this extraordinary seasoning.
A white plate filled with shrimp and leek pasta on a multi-colored woven placemat.
David Leite
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Shrimp and Leek Pasta

This shrimp and leek pasta ditches the heavy cream sauce in favor of a light broth-based sauce that elevates the shrimp and leeks.
A white bowl filled with Tennessee shrimp and grits, topped with a sprig of parsley.
LC Editors
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Tennessee Shrimp and Grits

This Tennessee shrimp and grits, made with tomatoes, thyme, and a splash of Worcestershire sauce, is an unexpected but beloved local variation on the Southern classic.
A white bowl filled with cod and shrimp stew with quinoa.
David Leite
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Cod and Shrimp Stew with Quinoa

This cod and shrimp stew with quinoa came from my desire to make something a little healthier but still incredibly tasty and satisfying. There isn't even any duck fat in it.
Shrimp with three dipping sauces piled on a platter, beside a glass of ale
Ben Fink
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Shrimp with Three Dipping Sauces

These shrimp with three dipping sauces (and believe us, you're going to want to try all three) make an outstanding appetizer, whether smoked, steamed, or grilled.
A white bowl piled with spicy shrimp and a red bowl of white rice
Susie Cushner
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Hunan Hot-and-Spicy Shrimp

Hunan hot and spicy shrimp are tossed in a peppery mix and then seared in a reach-for-the-fire-extinguisher-hot sauce of chiles, ginger, garlic, and shallots.
Two skewers of grilled shrimp with piri-piri sauce in a dish on the side.
Nuno Correia
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Portuguese Grilled Shrimp with Piri-Piri Sauce

This Portuguese grilled shrimp with piri-piri calls for the shrimp to be marinated in a hot pepper sauce then grilled. A classic recipe and a quick weeknight dinner.
A black bowl filled with Portuguese bread soup with shrimp on a grey folded cloth.
Jean Cazals
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Portuguese Bread Soup with Shrimp

This Portuguese bread soup with shrimp, or açorda de mariscos, is a satiating meal made from shrimp, sausage, tomatoes, onions, and Portuguese cornbread.
Seafood gumbo in a two-handled bowl on a piece of wood.
Chris Granger
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Seafood Gumbo

This seafood gumbo, a Cajun specialty, is loaded with shrimp, crab, oysters, and plenty of spice.

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