Images of 4 of the 32 shrimp recipes -- creole shrimp, salt and pepper shrimp, bayou fried shrimp, and pickled shrimp.

32 Shrimp Recipes

Got shrimp? Good. Because then you’ve got a dizzying array of dinner options ahead of you. Here’s hoping you’re not the indecisive sort.

A grid featuring 4 of 7 salmon recipes, including lemony salmon pasta, salmon banh mi sandwiches, maple glazed salmon, and cedar plank-grilled salmon.

7 Salmon Recipes

Whether you prefer your salmon grilled, broiled, simple, swanky, healthy, or any combination thereof, you’ll find your solution here.

Images of 4 of the 8 banana bread recipes -- bourbon spiked banana bread, banana bread french toast, banana muffins, and paleo banana bread.

Banana Bread Recipes

If you’re anything like us, you’ll take banana bread in whatever form you can get it. Muffins, granola, French toast, or a good old-fashioned loaf.

Images of four of the 35 classic Italian recipes -- minestrone, potato gnocchi, ciabatta, and panna cotta.

35 Classic Italian Recipes

Experience tastes as authentic as if you were really there, able to travel and revel in the traditions of the Italian countryside. Frugal to make yet they seem anything but cheap.

Images of four of the 16 Instant Pot recipes -- pressure cooker ribs, cranberry beans with chorizo, chicken gumbo, and pressure cooker chocolate pudding.

16 Instant Pot Recipes

If you’re in possession of an Instant Pot, then we probably don’t need to tell you how useful it is. If you don’t yet have one, these recipes may just sway you.

Images of 4 of the 11 pound cake recipes -- lemon pound cake, pistachio pound cake, cream cheese pound cake, and vanilla pound cake.

11 Pound Cake Recipes

Because sometimes you want cake that’s dense as can be with richness, butteriness, and as much flavor per square inch as feasible. These are exactly that.

Images of four of the 18 quick weekday breakfasts -- breakfast sandwich, coconut almond granola, bite size bacon and cheese scones, and breakfast burritos.

18 Quick Weekday Breakfasts

Sleep as late as you want and still get yourself to your first Zoom meeting without going hungry. Cuz no one likes a cranky coworker.

Images of 4 of the 13 reasons to open a bottle of wine -- red wine onions, braised lamb shanks, leg of lamb, and chicken braised in wine.

13 Ways to Cook With Wine

To state the obvious, wine has the capacity to bring incredible flavor to your plate. Here, more than a dozen reasons to open a bottle of wine and pour some of your bottle into a pot..with enough left over to sip.