13 Easy Halloween Recipes

These Halloween recipes are as easy to make as they are impressive to behold! Certain to elicit oohs and aahs as well as shrieks and squeaks from ghosts and goblins and ghouls of all ages.

A child dressed as a ghost holding ghost cupcakes, several mummy Rice Krispies treats, a jar of spider web chocolate covered apples, and several plates of glow-in-the-dark jello.

Halloween. It’s back better, bigger, and scarier than ever. Whether you’re donning a costume (you’re never too old for dress up), hosting or attending a Halloween party, or taking the kids trick or treating, you need to make these treats.

All of them are dead easy (see what I did there?) to make, and kids and adults love them. Use them as treats for a party, as homemade trick-or-treat booty, even as a surprise gift for your kid’s school Halloween celebration.

For us? Well, The One loves chocolate, so the Graveyard Cupcakes and Halloween Hot Chocolate are on the menu.

Boo, baby!

The word "David" written in script.
Three graveyard Halloween cupcakes with mini pumpkin candies and crosses on a piece of slate.
These graveyard Halloween cupcakes are easy to make, can be made the day before, and are perfect for your Halloween party. Store-bought cupcakes and roll-out cookies mean that all you're really doing is decorating (the fun part!)
12 graham cracker squares topped with various candy bar pieces.
“Fun-size” Halloween candy definitely fits the bill (I’m into mini Kit Kats and Almond Joys or regular-size Reese’s cups), but luckily, leftover candy from Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas make it possible for us to have creative holiday-themed s’mores year round.
Halloween meringue bones piled on a paper plate and scattered on a black cobweb tablecloth beside the plate.
Halloween meringue skeleton bones are a scary sweet that's perfect for kids of all ages, whether you decorate a cake with them or pass them out at your All Hallow's party.
Several plates with fluorescent glowing Jello molds.
Glow in the dark Jello shots (or larger party centerpieces made in a Bundt pan) are an essential party trick that’s part science project, part Halloween decor, part nifty excuse to knock back some gin and tonic in unique form under black lights. Here’s how to make them.
A child dressed as a ghost, holding a ghost cupcake in each hand.
This Halloween ghost cupcake recipe makes it easy to turn cake, frosting, and fondant into cupcakes shaped like ghosts. The perfect spooky sweet for kids of all ages.
Four chocolate covered apple slices with a spider web design in a jar.
These chocolate dipped apple slices are a simple way to get your kids into the Halloween spirit. Easy enough for them to make, with a little help, these treats come together quickly and look amazing even without a lot of decorating skills. They're the perfect treat for a Halloween party, trick-or-treating, or munching when no one is looking. Oh, did we mention that they taste great, too?
A white mug of hot chocolate on a white sauce with two pieces of chocolate nut bark beside it.
Halloween hot chocolate is simply leftover Halloween candy and milk melted in a saucepan. Sorta genius, yes?!
Four cupcakes with chocolate icing, topped with chocolate wizard hats.
These wizards’ hats cupcakes for Halloween are made with your favorite homemade or store-bought cupcakes, frosting, sugar cones, sprinkles, and candy. Inspired by Dumbledore.
An Irish coffee mug filled with butterscotch beer with foam on top and a drizzle of butterscotch sauce.
Made with simple ingredients and not too much mess, these sweet and creamy lemon-lime drinks are sure to be a hit with everyone, kids and adults alike. No one can resist the combination of flavors and the foamy texture.
Leftover Halloween candy bark broken into pieces.
Leftover Halloween candy bark takes those bottom-of-the-bag bits and repurposes them into something altogether inspired. Use your favorites or any combination that tickles your fancy.
Four meringue ghosts on a bed of candy corn on a black cake stand.
These ghostly Halloween meringue cookies are a kid favorite. The meringue is piped from a pastry bag–easy peasy–and then the ghosts are given chocolate chip eyes and baked to set their spooky shape.
Several chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and candies on top on a wooden chair.
These candy cupcakes are a perfectly over-the-top way to celebrate anything, really. It doesn't even need to be Halloween, you just need a few handfuls of your favorite candy.

Continuing your festivities into the Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos? Check out these Day of the Dead Cookies or this Day of the Dead Bread recipe. Either (or both!) of these would be a welcome addition to your celebration.

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