A platter of rissois de Camarao--or Portuguese shrimp turnovers--with one turnover cut open resting on top.
Ilda Costa-Sarnicki
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Portuguese Shrimp Turnovers ~ Rissóis de Camarão

Portuguese shrimp turnovers, or rissóis de camarão, are a traditional appetizer (or, let’s face it, any-time-of-day nosh) that deliver the homey comfort of being in your Portuguese grandma’s kitchen. Even if you never had a Portuguese grandma.
A white bowl of caldo verde, or Portuguese kale soup with thinly sliced kale and a single chorizo coin floating in the center.
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Caldo Verde ~ Portuguese Green Soup

Portuguese kale soup, caldo verde, is something you’ll experience literally everywhere in Portugal, from Lisbon’s trendiest restaurants to farmhouses scattered at the edge of villages. Understandably so. Its simple yet sustaining character is appreciated everywhere.

This caldo verde was such a delicious soup! Hearty and satisfying–especially during our cold Chicago winter. I added half the chorizo back in before using an immersion blender to partially puree the soup, leaving some nice chunks of potato in there.

I agree with other reviewers that the flavor improves the next day. I also made Portuguese cornbread to go with the soup.

A white bowl of Portuguese clams with vinho verde in a olive oil and garlic sauce, garnished with cilantro.
Romulo Yanes
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Portuguese Clams with Vinho Verde ~ Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato

This clam dish is a classic. It has a long history in Portugal and for good reason: It's delicious. Portuguese home cooking is distinguished by its gutsy soulfulness. If you're the type who seasons liberally, taste first. This dish is plenty salty and full of flavor. 
A bifana, a Portuguese pork sandwich on a white plate with a bottle of mustard in the background.
David Leite
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Bifanas ~ Portuguese Pork Sandwiches

Bifanas are traditional Portuguese sandwiches made with thin slices of pork that are marinated and simmered in a sauce of white wine, garlic, and paprika and served on soft rolls with plenty of mustard and piri-piri sauce.

This bifanas recipe is so easy and delicious! There’s nothing more satisfying than a good bifana. I can’t wait to try David’s papo secos recipe!

linda v.
Five links of common Portuguese sausages, including homemade chouriço, hanging from hooks on a wooden dowel
Hiltred Schulz
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Homemade Portuguese Chouriço

If the idea of making homemade Portuguese chouriço seems daunting, fear not. With a little time and patience, you'll be rewarded with a smoky cured sausage that rivals anything from the Portuguese market.
A blue bowl filled with Portuguese pork with clams and fried potato cubes.
Nuno Correia
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Portuguese Pork and Clams | Porco Alentejana

This combination of Portuguese pork and clams, also known as porco Alentejana, is a superbly comforting and oh-so-satisfying dish of marinated pork shoulder and briny clams in a white wine and red pepper sauce.

This Portuguese pork and clams dish was one of my grandmother’s specialties. She never shared her recipe, but her pork was always so tender. For years I have tried to recreate it, and this is by far the closest I have ever come. Thank you! What a treat!


Portuguese smashed potatoes covered with minced garlic, olive oil, and salt, on a blue pottery plate.
Hiltrud Shulz
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Portuguese Smashed Potatoes ~ Batatas à Murro

This popular but simple potato dish can be made on short notice. Waxy potatoes like Red Bliss, Idaho bakers, or new potatoes all work well in this recipe. If raw garlic is too much for you, give it a quick sizzle in a skillet to tame it.
Several cooked papo-secos on a wire rack.
David Leite
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Papo Secos | Portuguese Rolls

These papo secos are light and airy Portuguese rolls that are the perfect vehicle for the classic –marinated pork slices–or your favorite sandwich fillings or simply a smear of butter.
Three pasteis de nata on a slate background sprinkled with powder sugar.
David Leite
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Pastéis de Nata ~ Portuguese Custard Tarts

This pastéis de nata recipe makes as-close-to-authentic Portuguese custard tarts with a rich egg custard nestled in shatteringly crisp pastry. Tastes like home, even if you're not from Portugal.

I have made the pasteis de nata recipe AT LEAST 10 times. All my family and friends LOVE them. I like to add extra cinnamon sugar, and I usually have extra dough left over. Love this recipe so much. THANK YOU!

A jar of Portuguese tomato jelly with a small tomato next to it.
Rebecca Caro
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Portuguese Tomato Jelly

This Portuguese tomato jelly, made with fresh tomatoes, sugar, water, and some patience, is a favorite Portuguese sweet and savory condiment. It's perfect for serving with cheesand crackers.
A white serving platter filled with Portuguese rice pudding and topped with toasted pistachios and cinnamon.
Andrew Montgomery
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Portuguese Rice Pudding ~ Arroz Doce

This Portuguese dessert, made by cooking rice with whole milk infused with citrus and cinnamon and making it like custard with the addition of egg yolks, is creamy and comforting.
A partially cut Portuguese orange olive oil cake.
Nuno Correia
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Portuguese Orange Olive Oil Cake

This Portuguese orange olive oil cake has an unforgettably tender crumb and a citrus smack thanks to fruity olive oil, winter navel oranges, and orange zest.

Orange cake is my husband’s all-time favorite cake…and I’ve made plenty of orange cakes. This is by far the most AMAZING orange cake I have ever tasted! Delicious and moist crumb with such an aromatic flavor. I am forever grateful to you for sharing the recipe and will never need to try another orange cake recipe again.

A log of chocolate salami with two slices cut from the end on a white rectangular platter.
David Leite
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Salame de Chocolate ~ Chocolate Salami

This chocolate salami is an easy, traditional Portuguese no-bake dessert made with butter, confectioners’ sugar, cocoa powder, tea cookies, and Port wine. It can be customized with your favorite nuts or dried fruits, and is made ahead of time, so it’s ideal for entertaining.
A red pot filled with sonhos dusted with cinnamon sugar and one cut Portuguese doughnut resting beside the bowl.
David Leite
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Sonhos | Portuguese Doughnuts

Sonhos are orbs of fried dough that are similar to choux pastry or cream puffs yet easier to make. Crisp outside, airy inside, and with the perfect sweetness from a quick roll through cinnamon sugar. A Portuguese classic.

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