Images of four of the 16 healthy snacks recipes -- apple chips, energy balls, mango ice cream, and tahini cookies.

16 Healthy Snacks Recipes

Because let’s face it, we all get snacky. Which can present something of a conundrum when you’re trying to do better by your health. Here’s your solution. Actually, here are 16 solutions.

Images from the 18 paleo recipes roundup -- beef bone broth, barbecue sauce, chicken apple sausage, and brownies.

18 Paleo Recipes

Paleo doesn’t need to be penance. And we have proof in the form of these superlatively satisfying recipes, from chicken wings to fried rice, barbecue ribs to fudge brownies.

Images from the 21 keto recipes roundup -- pickled jalapeno peppers, grilled pork chops, chicken salad, and roasted chicken thighs.

21 Keto Recipes

Pork chops, chicken wings, chicken salad, pickled peppers, even chocolate mousse. That’s all you can still revel in while still adhering to keto diet guidelines.

Images of four of the most popular desserts 2020 -- coconut sheet cake, chocolate souffle, pumpkin swirl cheesecake bars, and brown butter rice krispie squares.

10 Most Popular Desserts 2020

A collection of recipes defined by you, dear reader, and the spectacularly impressive number of times you’ve clicked on these sweet somethings.

Images of four New Year's Eve cocktail recipes -- champagne cocktail, whiskey sour, sangria spritzer, and adonis.

11 New Year’s Eve Cocktail Recipes

Our favorite and most celebratory ways to get our New Year’s Eve party on…regardless if it’s a simple party of one. Plus a simple drink for those who prefer not to indulge.

Images of four of the most popular vegan recipes 2020 - roasted sweet potatoes, stovetop fruit pie filling, vegan brownies, and mushroom foil packets.

10 Most Popular Vegan Recipes 2020

These were the recipes that were extraordinarily popular with eaters of all sorts, many of whom didn’t realize what they were consuming could be classified as vegan. Perhaps the best litmus test there is.

Images of four of the most popular pork recipes 2020 - grilled pork chops, bacon avocado tomato sandwich, pork casserole, and panko crusted pork tenderloin.

10 Most Popular Pork Recipes 2020

Our best new recipes for pork in all its incarnations, including grilled spiced chops, pulled pork tacos, and because how can we not, a new-fangled BLT.

Images of four hot drinks recipes -- Swedish glogg, coconut milk hot chocolate, flue and cold elixir, and Irish cream.

13 Hot Drinks Recipes

Because we could all use a little warming from the inside these days. Here’s how, whether you take it tipsy or play it straight. Includes coconut milk hot chocolate, spiked cider, and more.