15 Best Easter Recipes

Easter brings lots of things. Ham galore. Pastel everything. Fingers accidentally dyed along with the Easter eggs. And the need for a delicate balance of tradition and innovation on your table. We’ve got exactly that in terms of your Easter dinner, including appetizers and sides, desserts and, yes, deviled eggs.

A plate with a trio of deviled eggs - horseradish deviled egg, truffled deviled egg, and smoked salmon deviled egg.
Three types of deviled eggs—classic with horseradish, mustard, and paprika, truffled deviled eggs, and smoked salmon deviled eggs–make an excellent and enviable hors d’oeuvre for Easter dinner or any time you crave them.
A Dr Pepper glazed ham on a wooden cutting board.
This Dr Pepper glazed ham calls for a spiraled ham to be brushed with Dr Pepper, brown sugar, orange juice, and Dijon mustard. The ham absorbs the spice characteristics of the soda to become absolutely delicious. Don’t knock it till you try it.
Tray of classic dinner rolls glazed with butter, bowl of melted butter with a brush
These classic dinner rolls call for flour, yeast, honey, salt, and butter–plus more butter to slather on top, natch. You won’t believe how fluffy and soft these rolls are or how easy and quick they are to make.
A partially sliced semi-boneless Tuscan style roasted leg of lamb on a wooden cutting board with a knife resting beside the lamb.
This Tuscan style roast leg of lamb is made in traditional Italian fashion with a garlic, rosemary, lemon, and olive oil marinade before being roasted until perfectly tender. Easy and elegant.
White bowl of fresh peas with mint.
To make these fresh peas with mint, peas are sauteed quickly in butter until cooked through, scooped in a bowl, and sprinkled with fresh mint, salt, and pepper. Fifteen minutes tops.
A mustard-glazed ham on a wooden cutting board.
This mustard-glazed ham is covered with mustard, brown sugar, and maple syrup and is simple, subtle, and super impressive. And is perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and any other holiday dinner (or insatiable pork craving).
Herbed ricotta dip with a cutting board covered with carrots, radishes, fava beans
Herbed ricotta dip with spring vegetables is easy as can be to make with just a few ingredients, including garlic, chives, parsley, mint, and lemon zest. And it’s inspired at least one 5-year-old to eat an entire bag of carrots in a single sitting. Just ask his mom.
Radishes, carrots, squash, green bean in a jumble of pickled spring vegetables with mustard-seed vinaigrette.
These pickled spring vegetables, served with a mustard vinaigrette, are easy, pretty, and healthy. An excellent snack or hors d'oeuvre to share with friends.
A saucepan filled with Ina Garten's mashed potatoes with lemon and black pepper and a whole lemon and zester next to it.
Cooking the potatoes in less water than usual and gradually mashing in bits of chilled butter are the details that make this recipe special.
A loaf of kulich topped with glaze and sprinkles on a round trivet
Kulich is a traditional Easter bread popular in Eastern Europe that’s sorta like panettone and made from cardamom and saffron-infused dough and topped with a creamy confectioners’ sugar glaze and colorful sprinkles.
Carrot crostata on a large black plate, with a white napkin on a wood table.
This carrot crostata is a stunning tart, based on a recipe in a 1968 issue of Italy's premier cooking magazine, La Cucina Italiana. My mother has saved many of the issues, including that one, and she's been making it ever since. It makes a lovely, elegant side dish for a sit-down dinner party or a main dish for a lunch filled with little other than bright carrots, onions, eggs, and fresh Parmigiano-Romano. We also make it for Thanksgiving.
Three hot cross buns on a wire rack with a bowl of glaze and a spoon.
Hot cross buns are traditional, old-fashioned buns that are slightly sweet and incredibly tender thanks to the inclusion of milk and eggs in the bread dough. Commonly served on Easter.
A lemon meringue tart in a white dish, with one slice on a plate beside it and one more being lifted out.
This lemon meringue tart has a crunchy almond tart shell that’s filled with creamy lemon curd and buried beneath clouds of pillowy meringue.
Ramekin with a parmesan souffle on a white plate, spoon, white tablecloth
These elegant Parmesan soufflés are really easy to make. Honest. Flour, butter, and milk are cooked into a béchamel sauce. Eggs yolks are whisked in and then egg whites are folded in along with the cheese. Seventeen minutes until you have a towering creation.
A Brown Betty Bakery coconut cake on a decorative white cake stand.
This Brown Betty Bakery coconut cake is dubbed Company’s Comin’ Coconut Cake at the boutique where it’s sold in Philadelphia. True to it’s name, this beauty of a pound cake will have you dreaming up excuses to invite guests for dinner.


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