Roasted Potatoes on the Grill

Making roasted potatoes on the grill means you can indulge your craving for roasted potatoes during summer without heating up the oven—or the entire kitchen. (Drops mic.)

Roasted Potatoes on the Grill Recipe

These roasted potatoes on the grill rival any crisp, tender, golden brown roasted potatoes in the oven. Better yet, you can rely on this technique when you want to fix the entire meal outside instead of running back and forth between stove and grill or when you crave roasted potatoes but want a respite from turning on the oven—and, by extension, heating up the entire kitchen—in the dead of summer. With a little careful space management, the pan of potatoes can cook on one side of the grill and the meat on the other side. Originally published August 14, 2012.Renee Schettler Rossi

Roasted Potatoes on the Grill Recipe

  • Quick Glance
  • 15 M
  • 40 M
  • Makes 4 to 6 servings


  • 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • 3 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed
  • 6 unpeeled waxy potatoes, quartered lengthwise
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 to 2 sprigs rosemary, chopped if desired (optional)


  • 1. Prepare the grill for direct cooking over high heat. You want your grill to maintain a steady temperature of 500º F (260ºC).
  • 2. Pour the oil and garlic in a large flameproof roasting pan. Place the pan on the grill grate, close the lid, and let it heat until the oil begins to shimmer, about 2 minutes. Carefully add the potatoes to the pan and gently stir to coat with the oil. Close the lid on the grill and let the potatoes roast, keeping the lid closed except to occasionally turn the potatoes with a thin metal spatula, until they’re golden brown and tender, 20 to 25 minutes.
  • 3. Season the potatoes to taste with salt and pepper and, if desired, a sprinkle of rosemary. Using a slotted spoon, transfer the potatoes to a bowl or platter and serve hot.
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Recipe Testers Reviews

And why have I not made these roasted potatoes on the grill before? Wow, wow, wow! The very best roasted potatoes I’ve ever had. Seriously, these were amazing—nice and crisp with an amazing garlic and herb flavor. It all just worked amazingly well. We served them with grilled red snapper, and they were simply perfect. Oddly enough, there were some leftovers and we had them the next day, both cold and warmed up in the microwave, and though not as crisp as the day before, they still tasted just as good.

Oh my. These roasted potatoes on the grill are delicious and an easy way to cook potatoes. While the potatoes were roasting, I snipped some rosemary and added it to the pan, which I shook every now and then to sauté the potatoes, and voilà! I had roasted potatoes, easy peasy. I grilled some fish alongside them during the last few minutes and made a salad and everything was ready for alfresco dining. This will become a favorite. Only note of caution is to stir the pan or shake it to make sure the garlic doesn’t burn.

What a great recipe. Easy, minimal ingredients, and super taste and texture. I let my potatoes grill a few minutes longer to get a bit crisper. I used a combination of Yukon Golds and red potatoes—I liked the red potatoes better. Be careful when adding the potatoes to the oil, and do layer on the rosemary sprigs. Use the leftover oil from these roasted potatoes on the grill to fry up any remaining potatoes for breakfast.

This recipe for roasted potatoes on the grill is fabulous. If you’ve ever made roasted potatoes in the oven, you’ll really like this method. I followed the recipe exactly, and the potatoes turned out to be the most beautiful brown color. I wanted to eat them all myself! My only caution is to watch the garlic and oil at the very beginning, as the garlic can turn black right before your eyes if you’re not careful. The only thing I’d change next time is to season the potatoes with the salt, pepper, and rosemary at the beginning rather than the end. Other than that, this recipe is great! We’ll be making it again and again this summer.

I put the potatoes in one of those large grill pans that has all the holes and hoped this would still work well. The only problem we had was with the oil causing the grill to flame up a bit, but that was fine. My son did the grilling and the potatoes came out perfect—soft in the middle and crisp on the outside. I wondered if the garlic would be too much—3 cloves for 6 potatoes seemed like a lot—but it was very good. Next time, I may cut back a bit just for personal preference. A perfect addition to any summer meal that keeps the mess and heat out of the kitchen.

This technique for roasted potatoes on the grill was a nice way to have crisp roasted potatoes in the summer without the heat of the oven. I’d definitely play around with the seasonings and herbs, though I did enjoy the crisp bits of garlic. I didn’t have a flameproof roasting pan, so I used a wide stainless steel sauté pan instead and was able to fit all of the potatoes snugly in there. While not mind-blowingly delicious, I’m giving this a nod for technique and the flavor potential in the future.


    1. It’s a keeper of a recipe, Mary. Barely a recipe, actually. More a technique. But whatever you call it, yes, it is delicious!

  1. I don’t honestly know why I have never tried doing this, lol…so easy, and I can only imagine the aroma of the rosemary (which I love!) wafting thru the air…the neighbors will be jealous! ;)

    1. Well, Anne M., it’s so inexpensive, you could always invite the neighbors over…just make sure you’re not throwing steaks on the grill to go with these heavenly spuds.

  2. Yummy is what I say!!! My husband did something similar but put them on the BBQ and I was surprised how well they turned out. We have a huge rosemary bush in our garden and we use rosemary a lot. Thanks for the great recipe!!

    1. You are very welcome, Rita! Love to receive comments such as yours. Love it. Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know, and please do so again next time you try a recipe from our site…

  3. Wow…this definitely sounds great and easy make too ! I’ll defiantly be trying it tonight…the only thing I’m worried about is burning the garlic :/

    1. Gabriella, I’ve never had that problem. But what you can do is make sure the garlic is crushed in big pieces so that if they start to burn you can pull them and then add then back to the dish just before serving.

    1. Lovely, Colleen. Thanks for taking the time to let us know! Looking forward to hearing which recipe on the site you try next.

  4. I made these potatoes last night. Correction, I prepared the potatoes and then handed them over to my husband (aka Grill Master) for execution. They were absolutely delicious, with a wonderfully creamy texture on the inside. I think I’d like them a little crispier on the outside – would love some advice in that regard. A little bit crispier, and I think they would be a wonderful gluten-free substitute for French fries. Yet another killer recipe from Leite’s Culinaria.

    1. Alison, so glad you liked them. As far as getting them crisper, two things: 1.) heat and 2.) space. Make sure the grill is really, really hot. (I place my cast-iron pan on the grill and let it heat until it’s red-hot then I add the taters.) Also, give the spuds room. If they’re on top of each other, they’ll steam rather than roast. So use your largest skillet or, better, thickest baking sheet.

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