Mexican Mojito

The Mexican mojito swaps in smooth tequila for the traditional rum in this not-quite-classic cocktail that’s made with muddled lime, mint, and sugar. Perhaps the best mojito ever.

A short glass filled with a mint mojito, muddled mint leaves, a wedge of lime, and several ice cubes.

Inspired by its Cuban cousin, this Mexican mojito—made with tequila rather than rum, natch—is gonna be as sexy and suave as the tequila you choose. So use one that’s smooooooth.–Renee Schettler Rossi

Mexican Mojito

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  • Makes 1 mojito
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In a mixing glass or shaker, muddle the mint sprigs, lime, and sugar.

Add the ice and tequila. Cover shake vigorously, and pour or strain into a 12-ounce glass.

Top it off with soda water and then top that off with the lemon-lime soda. Garnish with a sprig of mint and a lime circle. Originally published May 5, 2010.

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Recipe Testers' Reviews

Temperatures were in the 100s in Louisiana today, making it a perfect day to try a new drink recipe. This makes one really refreshing drink.

I used my good tequila and added some agave to it. I also used Sprite. This was really close to what I’ve had at our Cuban restaurant. I’d be happy to serve this all summer to my friends.

I served this refreshing drink on a hot summer's night. It was wonderful.The combination of mint and lime is delightful.

After making 1 drink, I made a shaker full of 4 additional servings and let it sit until I was ready to pour it over ice. During the half hour it sat, the mint permeated the drink in a very nice way. I will make this drink again and will let it sit for there mint to do its magic.

I used 6 ice cubes per drink and 7-Up.

This absolutely works and makes a delicious refreshing summery drink that tons of people Googling "Mojito" would certainly love. On the other hand, I'd make it less sweet and more boozy to accommodate personal preference.

The fact that it uses tequila is a nice twist and gives the drink a cool, almost savory, edge compared to a the regular mojito.

You will most likely not have all the sugar dissolved. To get all the last bits and granules out, add the soda water and lemon-lime soda into the shaker after you had dumped out the contents, swirl these around to grab and bits of sugar, and then add to the the drink.

I used sparkling water (Topo Chico brand) and Sprite for the lemon-lime soda.

My changes for the second time around, and how I prefer the drink, are to increase the tequila to 2 ounces. I decreased the sugar to 2 tsp instead of 3. After I shook it, I filled my glass with new ice and strained the contents of the shaker on top through a cocktail strainer. I do not care to have chunks of mint in my drink, so straining gave me a beautiful clear drink, more control over filling my glass (no worries about overflow and such), and delivered all the flavor of the drink.

This drink was divine. So simple and refreshing.

Sometimes when you think of muddling, you think too much work and too much time, but this cocktail came together in a little less than 10 minutes.

I think I might add more mint next time, just a personal preference. I didn't have any soda and don't really prefer it so I substituted with the Sprite I was using for my lemon lime soda and it was perfect. This is a great alternative to a margarita when you want something a little different. I didn't use soda or sparkling water; I used 3 ounces Sprite instead.

This is a great twist on a classic Mojito. It’s a refreshing way to have tequila and lime without heading into margarita territory (margaritas, I still love you.)

The tequila brand was Lunazul. I used a pint glass. Muddled well and shook hard but still had undissolved sugar at the bottom of my glass by the time I finished drinking my drink. I personally would use a simple syrup next time. In the summer, I often have mint simple syrup in the fridge anyways (to add to unsweet iced tea, mojitos, mint juleps, etc.) so it would be easy to throw in to another Mexican mojito. The undissolved sugar did explain why I felt the drink wasn’t sweet enough upon first sip.

I had extra room in the glass and an open can so I topped the drink off with a little more Sprite and thought it was perfect! All together, I used about 4 ounces Sprite. Overall this is a great drink and I’ll definitely be making a pitcher of these for the next party!


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  1. I’ve been drinking this since her cookbook came out. It’s one of the best drinks i’ve ever had. I’m so over Margaritas

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