Indian Corn with Curried Yogurt

Six ears of grilled Indian corn drizzled with curry yogurt and lime wedges on the side.

The corn can also be refrigerated and served cold.–Claire Robinson

LC Aw Shucks Note

There are two ways to go about shucking corn, far as we know. One is to rid it of those papery husks and clingy, silken strands by just ripping them off, as the recipe below indicates. The other is to gingerly pull back the husks without detaching them and instead tying them back with some kitchen string so that they serve as a handle of sorts, as in the photo above, before dispensing of the silken strands. If doing the latter, you probably want to dunk the ears of corn and their husk handles in a pot of cold water for at least half an hour just, you know, not to tempt fate–or flame.

Corn with Curried Yogurt Sauce

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Preheat a stove top grill pan to medium-high heat or get that gas or charcoal grill of yours aflame.

In a small bowl, stir together the yogurt, honey, lime juice from as few or as many wedges as desired, and curry powder until smooth. Set aside while you grill the corn to allow the flavors to meld.

Grill the corn, turning frequently, until tender and fairly evenly charred, 10 to 12 minutes. Transfer the corn to a cutting board and slice or break each ear in half. Serve the corn immediately with a drizzle of the curried yogurt, a sprinkling of salt and pepper, and the remaining wedges of fresh lime on the side for squeezing.

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Recipe Testers' Reviews

A new way to serve grilled corn! I loved the curried yogurt sauce with a nice balance of flavors with honey & lime. This sauce could be used on many things and not just corn.

The curried yogurt is quite good as a sauce for the corn. If the corn is really good, though, the sauce is a bit extraneous, but still good.

I made this recipe this past Sunday in Iowa for a nice big group of people. It’s a fun and different way to eat corn as a salad. The general consensus was that it was very tasty, but the lime juice overpowered a tad the rest of the ingredients. I believe that half the amount of lime juice would have been more than enough.

This recipe was quick and delicious. Although I enjoy the flavor of grilled corn, next time I might just steam the corn. My apartment has ultra-sensitive fire alarms…and off they went partway through the grilling process. The curry flavor was wonderful with the sweet corn, especially when tempered by the tangy Greek yogurt and the lime.

The one thing that I really was so excited about was the lime squeezed on the corn. It brought out the sweetness of the corn and gave it a bright clean taste. Next time I do this again I will incorporate the lime. The curried yogurt was really nice. I also had grilled some chicken breast, so I used it to dip the chicken. I had a problem with my corn drying out, as it sat for a few minutes. Other than that, I will make this again. Lots of flavor and a new way to have the corn on the cob, not all spread with butter, so a bit healthier.

We really enjoyed this unusual, slightly hot, spicy sauce with the sweet smoky flavor of our grilled corn. I actually cooked the corn on a gas grill since I was making steak at the same time. The sauce took only a minute or two to put together. It had a very slight harsh edge from the curry powder but by the time we used it, about 20 minutes later, it had mellowed nicely and blended with the honey and citrus. It did, in my opinion, need a hearty sprinkling of salt and pepper.

A really light, simple, and flavorful recipe, and a pleasingly unconventional accompaniment to corn. Nicely balanced flavors–sweet, tangy, bright, and just spicy enough to keep things interesting. Preparation-wise, this comes together very quickly–if you can juice a lime, you can make this. Although the recipe calls for grilled corn, I don’t have a grill, so I just briefly boiled the ears. It still turned out really well. Serving size, by the way, is generous. You’ll likely end up with leftovers.

This recipe gave a nice alternative to grilling outside. The simple curried yogurt comes together quickly, and leftovers, with some chopped pepper and red onion, became a corn salad. The gussied-up yogurt can be used to dress more than corn—it would be equally nice with a late season cucumber salad, or on top of some of those smaller eggplants slowly roasted until the flesh becomes unctuous.

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  1. This recipe will come very handy this Labor Day weekend, as we will be cooking a lot at our cabin (actually outside of the cabin, on a grill) in beautiful northern Arizona.

  2. I am not sure why this is Indian corn. Is it the inclusion of curry powder, the ingredient that no self-respecting Indian ever uses? If you want to eat grill-roasted corn in true Indian style, make a mixture of salt and a little chili powder. Then when the corn comes of the grill, dip a cut half of lime in the mixture and lightly rub it all over the corn, squeezing the lime just a bit. The result is a fabulous combination of sweet, spicy, salty and tangy. THAT is how we eat corn in India.

    1. Hi Smita, thanks for your thoughts. You are absolutely correct about Buttah, roasted corn with salt, chili and a squeeze of lime. We like to think of this recipe as a pan-Indian version with a spicy yogurt raita using ingredients, like curry, that are available to most home cooks. Let us know if you try this version, you may be a convert.

  3. This is a very interesting recipe. I didn’t know about curried yogurt. And it’s going to be used as sauce for corn. I like that it’s quick and easy to make so I’ll give it a try this weekend.

    1. Let us know when you do, Jeff. It’s quite different from the butter, salt, and pepper that most of us grew up with, but different in what we found to be a really swell way.

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