A Whole Lotta Gelatta, er, Gelato

Ah, gelato. Despite the fact that this Italian innovation is made from more-or-less the same ingredients as ice cream, there’s a less-is-more brilliance about it. It’s an equation in which less butterfat, less sugar, and less air somehow equate to an even more insanely satiating, and arguably superlative, if not soulful, experience than ice cream. And although there are fewer flavors of gelato than of ice cream, those that do exist are, we dare say, far more refined. Whether you consider this an Italian paradox or just plain summer serendipity, what’s stopping you?

Here are just a few of our favorites.

Photo © 2010 Iain Bagwell. All rights reserved.


      1. Love pistachio. Have a funny/not-so-funny memory of accidentally making pistachio gelato with salted nuts—it was a pregnancy craving I had to satisfy, and it turned out to be the one and only thing that triggered a feeble stomach during the whole nine months! I’m happy to say I’ve recovered with a vengeance, though: can’t keep me from the stuff these days.

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