Potato and Chickpea Stew

This potato and chickpea stew, made with potatoes, canned chickpeas, tomatoes, bell peppers, and spinach, is a hearty and healthy and vegetarian weeknight dinner that’s both easy to make and pretty darn satisfying, too.

A blue Dutch oven with a potato and chickpea stew and some spinach with a wooden spoon resting inside.

This potato and chickpea stew from Deborah Maven is a Spanish-inflected one-pot supper that gently simmers potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, and chickpeas until tender in a broth that’s spiked with paprika and tomato. It’s then finished with spinach and a dollop of Romesco sauce. It’s hearty and remarkably satisfying on many levels (including for the person doing the cooking and the cleaning up), so much so that you may even forget it’s vegetarian and healthy.  Originally published April 28, 2017.Angie Zoobkoff

Potato and Chickpea Stew

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If you’re using fingerling potatoes, scrub them and then halve them lengthwise. If you’re using round potatoes, scrub them and quarter them.

In a large skillet or a Dutch oven over medium heat, warm the oil. When it’s hot, toss in the onion, saffron threads (if you’re using smoked paprika instead of saffron, wait and add it later), diced and sliced peppers, and potatoes. Cover the skillet or Dutch oven and cook, turning or stirring the vegetables every now and then, until the potatoes are almost but not quite tender, 15 to 25 minutes, depending on their size. Stir in the garlic and season with 1 teaspoon salt and plenty of pepper.

Add the sweet or hot paprika (plus the smoked paprika, if you’re using it), parsley, and sherry. Cook, uncovered, until the juices in the pan have reduced and are thick and syrupy, 2 to 5 minutes.

Dump in the drained tomatoes (but reserve the juices), chickpeas or beans, and enough of the reserved tomato juice plus to cover the ingredients. If necessary, add water so the ingredients are submerged. Cover and cook over low heat until the potatoes are completely tender, 5 to 20 minutes more, depending on the size of the potatoes. Taste for salt and pepper and add more, if needed. The stew will be rather soupy.

Stir the spinach into the stew and gently cook until it wilts, about 3 minutes. (Alternatively, if you prefer, you can gently sauté the spinach in a little olive oil over medium heat until it wilts and then stir it into the stew.)

Divide the stew among bowls and drizzle with the extra-virgin olive oil. Serve immediately with a dollop of romesco sauce, if using.

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Recipe Testers' Reviews

This potato and chickpea stew was just what the doctor ordered to chase away the winter blues and usher in spring! The vegetables all retain their individual flavors but come together harmoniously with the assistance of sherry, tomatoes, and lemon juice. My dining companion raved more about this soup than any others I’ve made in the past couple months, and I agree. It’s both fresh tasting and comforting. And it’s finished in an hour.

I could not see a benefit to sautéeing the spinach in a separate pan and then adding it to the soup at the end, especially when the photo shows it fully incorporated. Therefore, I just added the baby spinach to the soup for the final 3 minutes to let it wilt. The final result was good, but I thought that it was missing something. I added 1 tablespoon lemon juice and it really it brightened up. I would say that lemon juice is essential to finish this dish. As with any stew, it’s always better the next day (or 2 or 3 if it lasts that long), but I think it’s especially true with this soup because I didn’t cook it for the extra 10 to 20 minutes at the end to meld those flavors (for fear of the potatoes falling apart). I couldn’t find fingerling or Yellow Finn potatoes at the grocery, so I used small Yukon Gold potatoes instead and cut them into eighths. I did not add romesco sauce or saffron.

This potato and chickpea stew is a great stew with Spanish flavors that comes together pretty easily and makes for a delicious one-dish meal.

The dish had just a very mild warmth to it. The suggested romesco sauce was a good addition, adding both richness and depth to the flavors of the stew. I used young yellow Finn potatoes and saffron, not smoked paprika, and hot paprika rather than sweet. My grocer was out of bunches of spinach so I used a 5-ounce box of baby spinach.

If there were one thing I'd change, it would be to reduce the total amount of bell peppers, but my husband liked it using the quantity given, so it's really a matter of preference.


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  1. Well, I’m Portuguese born and had the pleasure to have this meal cooked by my daughter, Canadian born and raised, and I have to tell you is so goooooooooooooooooooood! The recipe is easy to follow and is the right meal for a family. We had it on family day in Ontario on a snowy night! All enjoyed it, including the children! And do not forget the leftovers….

  2. I made this tonight and it was delicious. I only had smoked paprika and champagne so I used those instead of the sweet paprika and sherry. I did need the full 2 cups of liquid to cover the ingredients.

  3. Enjoy Spanish-style dishes. As you said, very healthy and a nice change for a meatless meal. I use chickpeas frequently so this is a nice different dish.

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